Agnieszka Osipa– talanted designer from Poland regularly shares her handmade costumes on Instagram. We should say Madonna and Lady GaGa would die for these amazing costumes.

Osipa also creates amazing looks to the live shows of legendary rock bands ” Rammstein” and ” Behemoth”. They are amazing and we are so in love them.

Pearls, lace and precious silks give life to timeless sculptural clothes. The Polish costume designer Osipa is inspired by the culture and folklore of the ancient Balkan figurative art to create precious baroque clothes that seem more suitable for fairies than for people.

Organza, ribbons, pearls and precious stones are expertly mixed in complex architectures that form elaborate neo-gothic headdresses. Osipa’s models give life to female figures, almost mythological, which narrate characters linked to the earth and the disruptive force of nature, in a perfect combination of sacredness and sensuality. These works really are mystic couture.

Here some of her work that we gathered for you. Sit back and watch!

By the way, you can contact directly artist by email: for individual order or international rent. Thats awesome.

Author: Kenny Shamilov

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