Introducing AirPods Max: by Apple

AirPods Max is a completely new take on full-size headphones. From the ear cushions to the headband, AirPods Max has been designed to fit optimally around any head shape. This results in incredible sound quality and richness. Check this and more on Kenleaks Magazine.

The wide upper part of the headband is made of breathable mesh fabric, which evenly distributes the weight of the earbuds and thus reduces pressure on the head.

apple airpods max kenleaks magazine switzerland

The stainless steel headband is wrapped in a soft material so the headband is durable, flexible and comfortable.

Telescopic arms slide out smoothly and securely lock in the chosen position, ensuring a comfortable position of the headphones on the head and a perfect fit of the ear cushions.

The sleek anodized aluminum ear cups have a unique mechanism that allows them to pivot independently of each other and distribute pressure correctly.

Thanks to the special mesh fabric, the ear cushions are incredibly soft.

apple airpods max

Acoustically optimized memory foam ear cushions gently cover your ear, provide superior sound isolation and create the foundation for stunning sound.

apple airpods max kenleaks magazine switzerland

Use the Digital Crown to adjust volume, switch tracks, answer phone calls, and activate Siri.

Five colors. No monotony.

Fabulously beautiful sound.

The combination of high-fidelity audio and advanced noise cancellation is what makes AirPods Max sound so good. All components of our unique driver are designed to accurately reproduce sound in the audible range with minimal distortion. Deep rich bass, precise mids and crystal clear highs – music will sparkle for you with new colors.

Immersion in sound
AirPods Max uses eight microphones for noise cancellation: six are directed outward to pick up external noise, and two more are directed inward and evaluate the sound you hear. Directional microphones recognize your voice while talking on the phone. Therefore, the interlocutor will hear him well, even if the call found you on the street on a windy day.

Every nuance is heard
The Apple-designed driver reproduces a wide range of frequencies, allowing you to hear every note without missing out on a single nuance of sound. Your favorite music will sound in a new way – more accurate and detailed.

Distortion-free sound
Drivers with two ring neodymium magnets are installed inside the headphones. In principle, they are similar to the speakers in professional floor-standing speakers. This design minimizes harmonic distortion across the entire audible range. As a result, the headphones sound consistently clear even at high volumes.

With two powerful Apple H1 chips (one in each earbud), sophisticated acoustics and advanced software, AirPods Max’s computational audio technology delivers stunning sound quality. For this, all 10 cores of each chip are involved. Computational audio helps block out external noise, adjusts sound for headphone position and fit, and makes movie sound more realistic.

apple airpods max kenleaks magazine switzerland

One touch setting
AirPods Max instantly connect to your iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is bring the headphones to the device and touch the connect button on its display.

Want to mention that the latest airdrop max will be dropped in Switzerland official apple retailers from 15th December. Stay updated!

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