Ascona-Locarno: Ticino Switzerland

Explore the Ascona-Locarno region of Ticino Canton of the Switzerland on Kenleaks Magazine.

From the palms to the glaciers. The Lake Maggiore area, and its surrounding valleys, will amaze you with its variety. A mild climate, exotic flora and panoramic summits: where else can you find such delights?

Weather & Webcam Ascona and Locarno

Are you planning a stay in the Ascona-Locarno region and don’t know what the weather will be like? You can find out at any time, any day. What’s more, you can look at the wonderful view of the peak of Cardada Cimetta, visit the beautiful town of Locarno or immerse yourself in the region’s valleys and discover the picturesque mountain village of Bosco Gurin. Choose the place you want to visit, see the weather forecast, select the webcam and click on your favourite image to get an excellent overview in an instant.

The clear, emerald-colored waters aren’t just reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea. Crystal clear waters, white rocks that shine in the sun and palm trees that make you feel in the tropics: just visit our valleys to discover that paradise is just a stone’s throw from home.

Where Lake Maggiore is born

A long and narrow lake with many beaches for swimming or basking in the sun, swimming pools or natural beaches, slides and water activities as well as green spaces to relax. A boat trip will take you to discover small hidden corners of the region as far as the Brissago Islands, a real botanical gem.

The discreet charm of fresh water

Leaving the lake for the valleys, you enter a true natural paradise. Gneiss canyons, rivers with turquoise waters, lush green woods just a stone’s throw from the shores, gorges and waterfalls ideal for canyoning, canoeing and rafting. It is not for nothing that the Valleys of the Verzasca e de la Maggia are the favorite destinations of bathers, enchanted by these limpid waters. Let us not forget the small alpine lakes, a fresh destination for many mountain hiking trails. Here are 3 suggestions for a day exploring the most refreshing places in our valleys.

Safe in the water

The lush beauty of mountain rivers, sometimes calm, sometimes rushing, also conceals great dangers. Not all places are suitable for swimming, currents and eddies can take you by surprise. Enjoy your day without unpleasant surprises by reading the Acque Sicure recommendations of the Canton!

So, what is the activity that will make you fall in love with summer in our region? Share your experience with us on social media with #myasconalocarno and #myasconalocarnoACTIVE , and remember that summer in the Ascona-Locarno region is not all about swimming and sports: take off your swimsuit and kiss the rich program of major events of the season.

Ascona- Locarno

Enjoy the dolce vita in Ascona– Locarno : Ticino canton of the Switzerland and jump on a boat to visit the Brissago Isles. Take a photo as a reminder of the beautiful camellias in Gambarogno, and relax with a coffee in Locarno’s Piazza Grande.

Corippo, the smallest village in Switzerland, is emptying of its inhabitants. They are now only ten. To save this treasure built in dry stones and hidden in the Verzasca valley, a foundation was created in 1975. Today, it proposes to transform part of the village into a hotel. 

Ascona- locarno


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