5 best fitness apps for your smartphone

In our busy home-work-home life, we forget that the body needs some physical activity to stay in good shape. It may be difficult to find time to exercise, but you must remember that ignoring your own body can lead to unwanted consequences in the future. So what is the way out if you want to keep your figure in good shape, spending a minimum of time on training?

Fortunately, having an iPhone in hand can help keep you in shape. Apple is very successful in providing users with useful gadgets and applications. This is where the most interesting facts about Apple come together. We present a list of fitness apps that will allow you to exercise effectively while saving your personal time. In addition, these apps will inform you about the number of calories burned, as well as give some advice on exercise and nutrition.


Nike Training Club is one of the best fitness apps. Here you will find workouts both for the whole body and for its individual parts. Moreover, you can go through a four-week program of exercises aimed at building a beautiful figure. Choose your own training preferences, see the results and enjoy the success with your friends.

You can get the help of Nike professional fitness instructors for specific workouts. Such mentors will not only help you to perform tasks correctly, but will also motivate you to further achieve your sports goals. The Nike Training Club has a variety of workouts (15, 30 and 45 minutes) that you can do whenever you want.

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Runtastic Six Pack introduces abs workouts. Your coach can be either a guy or a girl. Virtual instructors will demonstrate the technique of performing exercises of any of the three suggested levels of sports training. The app sends fitness tips throughout the day.

You can track the effectiveness of your workouts and get statistics in real time. Runtastic Six Pack has the ability to integrate with social networks. Share your experiences and achievements with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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Endomondo is a very popular fitness app that is available for both the Android and IOS platforms. Endomondo provides a personal fitness trainer that can simply fit in your pocket and be with you wherever you go.

The app keeps track of your performance well when you are hiking or cycling, from calories burned and distance traveled to speed and duration of movement and even heart rate. Endomondo will help you achieve your goals: you can take on challenges and win prizes. The application allows you to send and receive audio messages.

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Zombie Run!

Brand new and innovative workout app (available for Android and IOS). Imagine tying your sneakers, putting on your headphones, taking your first steps outside. You barely have time to walk 100 meters, when suddenly you hear THEM. They must be close! You hear every heavy sigh, every rattling groan – THEY are everywhere! Zombie! There is one thing you can do: run!

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Fitocracy offers fun training. Fitness with Fitocracy is more like a game where you track work, earn points, unlock new achievements and beat quests. The app is very simple and interactive. In no time, you can organize and track your workouts. The best fitness instructors ensure that your exercises are performed correctly. Follow your fitocrats for your daily dose of inspiration.

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