in sustainability, launches an online collection and recycling operation for old mobile phones

Because today it is difficult to do without a smartphone, but easy to change, millions of old devices are lying dormant in Switzerland. A player in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday promotions in Switzerland, is at the heart of the renewal circuit by regularly relaying promotions from manufacturers and operators on its site.

Faced with the need to recycle, the site now offers a collection and recycling operation in partnership with Recommerce. Swiss, a specialist in smartphone reconditioning in Switzerland.

An objective has a double vocation.

On the one hand, it is about compensating for the flow of promotions and commercial actions by virtuous action in favor of the circular economy and the protection of the environment. On the other hand, it is about offering visitors to the site an act of solidarity for responsible consumption.

” If we want to act and change things, our role as a media is to offer our audience a recycling circuit for responsible consumption … ” explains Jerome Amoudruz, founder of ” … we are working with Recommerce.Swiss to recondition these phones or ensure the recycling of parts and materials … “

A simple and free device.

To recycle his device, the site offers the user to fill out a form to obtain a prepaid postage label. Then just slip your old phone, without the accessories, into an envelope and drop it off in a post office box in Switzerland.

The franking form is available at

A solidarity act

Through this operation shows its willingness to participate in the circular economy by offering users a solidarity act. ” 3/4 of a smartphone’s ecological footprint is made up of its manufacture, so it is more than important to try to extend the life of smartphones that consumers no longer want to use. We are therefore delighted that is thus contributing to the circular economy. ”says Jérôme Grandgirard, Managing Director of Recommerce.Swiss. Indeed, the recycling of telephones, reconditioned or dismantled for parts and materials is often operated by associations and professional actors, another way of promoting employment, the economy and local industries.


Geneva start-up co-founded in 2015 by Jérôme Amoudruz and François Benveniste, 2 e-commerce experts, which became in 2018, is the first media platform dedicated to Black Friday actions online and in stores in Swiss. It now employs 5 people and is expanding internationally.

About Recommerce Swiss

Recommerce Swiss, the Swiss subsidiary of Recommerce Group, is the pioneer of refurbished smartphones and services around Second Life Mobile. Founded in 2009, Recommerce Solutions is the expert company in Europe in the recovery, repackaging and resale of smartphones. In line with the logic of the circular and responsible economy, the company promotes the recovery and reuse of mobiles thanks to highly technological commercial and financial approaches.

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