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bmw yacht kenleaks magazine cannes switzerland Luxe Yacht BMW Cannes International Film Festival
Luxe Zero-Emission Yacht by BMW: Cannes International Film Festival

BMW is applying its electrification philosophy to the yachting industry. Check the news Luxe Zero-Emission…

swiss luxury watches lugano geneva kenleaks magazine
Swiss Watch Exports Keep Increasing

Being a Swiss watchmaker is still a pretty nice time. Check the news Swiss Watch…

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE kenleaks switzerland
New Mercedes AMG S 63 E Performance

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the industry standard for luxury and technology. Check the news New…

cristiano ronaldo kenleaks jacob co
Cristiano Ronaldo Collaborates with Jacob & Co

Celebrating 20 years of partnership, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jacob & Co. have collaborated on two…

rolex watch switzerland kenleaks building haute
Rolex is constructing $1 billion CHF facility in Switzerland

Authorized Rolex dealers may be able to obtain some much-needed allocations now that Rolex has…

batmobile car haute kenleaks magazine switzerland
The Batmobile car was sold for 1.5 million

The batmobile car is the actual prop car used during the production of Batman’s second…

swiss government plane kenleaks magazine news
A buyer has been found for the Swiss government plane

A Pilatus PC-24 jet that was part of the ruling Federal Council’s official fleet of…

Louis Comfort Tiffany for Tiffany & Co. Necklace; Castellani Micromosaic Brooch Sotheby’s kenleaks magazine switzerland news magazine
Sotheby’s is holding an auction featuring Egyptian-themed jewelry

Egyptian renaissance jewelry is making a much-anticipated reappearance. Sotheby’s is holding a “Egyptomania” sale, which…

Molsheim: Bugatti family home kenleaks magazine switzerland news france car
Welcome to Molsheim: Bugatti Family’s home experience

Château St. Jean : Molsheim: Bugatti Family’s home experience on Kenleaks Magazine. Molsheim is the…

skyfly axe jet kenleaks magazine switzerland news lifestyle
Skyfly Axe Personal eVtol can fly 100MPH

Skyfly aspires to make private air travel as simple as driving a vehicle. Check the…