Chanel Metiers d’Art 2020- 2021: Chenonceau Castle

On 3rd of December will be held official runway show of Chanel Metiers d’Art 2020- 2021. The location was choose and inspired Chenonceau Castle and will take part digital without the guests in it due the Covid- 19 restrictions in France. Check this news and more on Kenleaks Magazine.

The CHANEL 2020/21 Métiers d’art show will be revealed on December 3rd at 7pm Paris time. Taking place earlier in the week at ‘Le Château des Dames’ Ladies’ Castle, Château de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley in France, the castle’s atmosphere was captured by Juergen Teller in the days leading up to the show.

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Photography © Juergen Teller / Courtesy of © Chanel

Chenonceau Castle, located in France in the valley of the river. Loire, becomes an inspiration and showcase for the Métiers d’Art 2020/21 collection. Also known as “Le Château des Dames” [Ladies’ Castle], it is historically closely associated with the legendary women who lived there at different times: Catherine Brisonne, Diana de Poitiers, Catherine de Medici, Louise of Lorraine, Gabrielle d’Estré and Louise Dupin.

In the second half of the 16th century, the Italian-born French queen Catherine de ‘Medici gave this residence the splendor of the Renaissance. To this day, many of its monograms can be seen in the castle as evidence of that era: two intertwined C. They strikingly resemble the double C logo that Gabrielle Chanel placed on the cabochon lid of her CHANEL N ° 5 perfume in 1921.

You can watch the show online and choose favorite look of further year on here:

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