Oral care is essential, even in these times of COVID-19

Fear of the coronavirus can encourage supervisory staff in schools and collective day care facilities to give up brushing their teeth with the children in their care. The Swiss Society of Dentists SSO insists: conscientious oral hygiene is essential, even in the event of a pandemic.

The Swiss Society of Dentists SSO strongly insists that conscientious brushing of teeth is essential, even in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic and that not only to protect the teeth, but also to ensure that oral hygiene -Dental dental care remains a matter of course for children.

In nurseries or day schools, children can continue to brush their teeth daily when hygiene measures are observed. Guaranteeing oral hygiene for children who attend collective day care facilities while respecting protection plans is the responsibility of the cantonal health authorities and their institutions, as it is true that the evolution of the pandemic can vary. considerably from one canton to another.

At home, parents should ensure that their children brush their teeth carefully every morning and evening and, if necessary, finish brushing. Particularly careful oral hygiene is important before bedtime, as salivation, which protects the teeth, is reduced during sleep.

Milk teeth deserve as conscientious care as second teeth. They are important first for chewing, therefore for the general state of health of the child, then for the subsequent correct positioning of the permanent teeth. All you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste for children.

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