The Tesla Cybertruck – stylised as Cybrtrk is an all-electric battery-powered light commercial vehicle made by Tesla, Inc. During its unveiling, the Tri-Motor AWD option had a range of over 800 kilometres and an estimated 0–60 in less than 2.9 seconds.

The stated goal is to displace a large portion of the roughly 6,500 fossil fuel powered trucks sold daily in the US. Construction will make use of titanium. Standard all-wheel drive models are planned to start at $49,900 with a cheaper rear-wheel drive option for $39,900.

The standard model will use self-levelling suspension which compensates for variable load and have all-wheel drive. Vehicles will have on-board power inverters for supplying both 110 and 220-Volt electricity, allowing use of power tools without a portable generator. An air compressor for powering pneumatic tools are included.  Surround cameras were planned to allow for automated parallel parking.

Options for batteries capable of 400 to 500 miles (650 to 800 km) between charges would be available—over 100 kWh of electrical storage. The driver’s seat is stated to be large, capable of seating André the Giant.The cabin will be bulletproof. The pickup has a weight estimated to be around 6000 lbs and estimated horsepower of around 775 HP.

Optional full-cabin pressurization will drive as an amphibious vehicle, and operation on Mars.

The company is currently taking $100 deposits to reserve the truck. But as Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted during an event in Los Angeles Thursday night, deliveries are still a ways off.

There are three versions of the truck available:

  • Single motor rear-wheel drive with 250 miles of range, 7,500-pound towing capacity, and 0-60 mph capabilities in under 6.5 seconds, for $39,900.
  • Dual motor all-wheel drive with 300 miles of range, 10,000-pound towing capacity, and 0-60 mph in under 4.5 seconds for $49,900.
  • Triple motor all-wheel drive with 500 miles of range, 14,000-pound towing capacity, and 0-60 mph in under 2.9 seconds for $69,900. (Though this version won’t start production until late 2022.)

Autopilot comes standard, but like Tesla’s other vehicles, “full self-driving” capabilities will cost an extra $7,000.

The $100 deposits are fully refundable, Tesla says. Customers can finish configuring their vehicles as production nears in late 2021.

Check the latest video of CEO Tesla – Elon Musk from the presentation of the cybertrack uploaded by The VERGE.

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