Daft Punk has split up: 1993-2021

One of the most influential electronic groups, Daft Punk, has ceased to exist. The duo announced this through a video on the band’s official YouTube page. The video is titled “Epilogue” and consists of excerpts from their 2006 film “Electroma”. In the middle of the video, the inscription appears: “Daft Punk: 1993 – 2021”. Check the news Daft Punk has split up: 1993-2021 and more on Switzerland based Luxury Lifestyle Magazine- Kenleaks Magazine.

In a video titled “Epilogue” posted on the group’s official YouTube channel, Daft Punk members literally self-destruct, blowing up each other. After nearly three decades of success in the music industry, the electronic music duo has found fans around the world. Daft Punk was formed in Paris in 1993 by musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Tom Bangalter. The band’s last studio album was Random Access Memories, for which the artists received a Grammy in 2013.

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The situation was clarified by the representative of the group Catherine Frazier, who confirmed to Pitchfork the decision of the group to cease its activities. She kept silent about the reasons. She also gave no information on whether band members Tom Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo will continue their musical careers in other projects.

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