The summer solstice is on June 21st, an event and tradition that our ancient European ancestors observed and celebrated way before history was re-written.

We discuss the European traditions of Midsummer and Kupala, not to be confused with degenerate “ecosexuals” who claim to have sex with nature.

Ecosexuality is a radical form of environmental activism based around nature fetishism, the idea of the earth as a lover. It invites people to treat the earth with love rather than see it as an infinite resource to exploit. It was founded by Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, who describe themselves as “two ecosexual artists-in-love”, whose manifesto is to make environment activism “more sexy, fun, and diverse”.

 Sexecology employs absurdist humor, performance art and sex-positivity, which Stephens claims “may produce new forms of knowledge that hold potential to alter the future by privileging our desire for the Earth to function with as many diverse, intact and flourishing ecological systems as possible.

The couple promote education, events such as the ecosex symposium, and activism, such as protecting the Appalachian Mountains from mountain top removal.

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