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Hazi Karim – a known DJ/producer in the underground electronic scene in Baku.

His passion for music was something he was born with; growing up in the 90s he listened to hip-hop, disco and funk. As a child he would listen to his father play the piano while his friends, each having different musical talents, sang along.

Naturally, this developed a profound respect for the classics of all genres, and through his dad, a love for disco and funk of 70s and 80s.

Following his university education, he was drafted to the army, where he was able to do some soul searching and realize what he truly wants to do.

Adhering to his motto – “Less words, more music” – Hazi became a preforming DJ and producer in 2009.

With the constant desire of sharing the deep emotions that only music can trigger, Hazi always glad to take you into his inner world through a unique sound.

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