Kenleaks Magazine gathered the best-designed one-hitters, pipes, papers and bongs. These pipes and paraphernalia, rendered in wood, quartz, and porcelain—Lisa Sitko ceramic apple pipe, anyone? Think carefully about this: A bar cart stocked with thoughtfully designed smoking accessories could look really cool—and keep you and your crew highly entertained.

Shine gold rolling papers, $55, shinerollingpapers.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Andrew O. Hughes octahedron table lighter and ashtray set, $1,250, shop-tetra.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Love + Destroy cross bar pipe, $68, loveanddestroy.comPhoto: Courtesy of
Aditi Kapur playlist rolling papers, price upon request, aditi-kapur.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Light + Ladder Benton Brut container, $160, shop-tetra.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Summerland Land Yacht terra cotta, $270, welcometosummerland.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Out of Print classic collection matchbox set, $12, outofprintclothing.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Fredericks and Mae marble pipes, $95, fredericksandmae.comPhoto: Courtesy of

Nomatiq rose quartz pipe, $95, nomatiq.comPhoto: Courtesy of

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