Burka & Niqab ban in Switzerland

On Sunday, March 7, Switzerland held a referendum on three bills (federal level): on the ban on hiding the face in public places, on electronic personal identification on the Internet and on a free trade agreement with Indonesia. Our results. Check the news Burka & Niqab ban in Switzerland and more on Switzerland based Luxury Lifestyle Magazine & Store- Kenleaks Magazine.

According to the Swiss public broadcaster SRG, the Swiss are in favor of a nationwide ban on the wearing of items of clothing that hide the face, such as a scarf, balaclava, and burqa. 51.2 percent of voters and 18 cantons out of 26 were in favor of this ban, according to Lukas Golder, head of the research institute for the study of public opinion gfs.bern. The statistical error was plus / minus 2%.

Anian Liebrand of the Egerkinger Komitee, on the right-hand side of the political spectrum, who proposed such a ban in the constitution, believes that with this initiative “we were able to start a long-overdue debate in society. Many supported our arguments. The very fact of voting is already a success regardless of the final result. ” The left and extreme left are beside themselves with indignation.

Stefan Manser-Egli of the left-wing lobbying organization Operation Libero calls the initiative’s success “a dangerous infiltration of politics with propaganda symbols” substituting for rational discourse. Lorenz Hess, a spokesman for Die Mitte (Center, former Demohristians), says banning the burqa is not the right measure:

“One has only to carefully examine what is behind this bill, then it becomes immediately clear that in fact it does not solve anything and does not change anything.”

Liberal Party (FDP, center-right) spokesman Andrea Caroni believes that the decision to ban the burqa should still be taken by the cantons, which are better able to regulate their local law enforcement policies. There is no consensus among the Muslims themselves living in Switzerland. Fathima Ifthikar opposed the ban. She is “disappointed that the symbol-based tactics of the conservative Swiss People’s Party SVP have again found popular support.”

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