IKEA Switzerland increases its minimum wage to 4,000 CHF

From January 1, 2021, IKEA Switzerland will pay all its employees a minimum salary of CHF 4,000 per month (based on 13 monthly salaries). This corresponds to an increase of CHF 100.-. This development will benefit around 200 people, or 6% of the workforce, mainly in the food, customer service and logistics sectors. On a company-wide scale, payroll increases on average by 0.5%. Check this news and more on Kenleaks Magazine.

IKEA Switzerland CEO Jessica Anderen is delighted: “It is very important to me that we pay fair and competitive wages. This is of course not the only attractiveness factor an employer has, but it is an important element. “

In addition to the basic salary, IKEA employees are also entitled to a bonus. For the annual financial year which ended last August, it corresponds to approximately one month’s salary. In total, it was paid to more than 80% of the staff. Only the teams from the Vernier (GE) and Grancia (TI) stores were unable to benefit from it due to the closures ordered by the authorities and the reduction in border traffic.

“We have observed that our employees have done an incredible job this year,” continues Jessica Anderen. “Like everyone else, they have had to adapt to the new situation and have shown phenomenal flexibility. New services have been designed and implemented – despite a constantly high workload. on the one hand, interest in interior design has increased due to the Covid, on the other hand, it has often been necessary to replace the absences of sick or quarantined staff. to estimate the psychological impact of this pandemic. The fact that we have succeeded together fills me with pride. “

About IKEA Switzerland

The first IKEA store to open outside of Scandinavia was in Spreitenbach in 1973. Currently, IKEA Switzerland operates nine stores at different locations. Jessica Anderen has been CEO of the company since October 2019. IKEA Switzerland employs around 2,800 people and generates annual sales of around CHF 1.1 billion.

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