Interview with Global Influencers: Juanjo Torres

Kenleaks has launched the new series of the project “Interview with Global Influciencers”. Our first guest is directly from Spain/- Seville , the inked model and the director of Volume Booking AgencyJuanjo Torres.

You have should know more about him. He has 88k active followers on his instagram profile and thanks to his really stylish and interesting lifestyle.

At the same time Juanjo Torres is the face of the “Basel is beautiful” online shop and boutique, located in Basel/ Switzerland.

We have prepared for Juanjo some provocative questions but he managed carefully to escape the answers some of them.

Kenleaks: We would like have short bio information about you.
– I was born in the city of Seville 37 years ago, passionate about sports, tattoos and a healthy life. Currently director of a famous agency representing artists and DJs in Spain.

My great passion is traveling and get to know all the different cultures of our world.

Kenleaks: What is the aim of your life?!

– Everyday to learn something new. It takes us to be better person day by day. My family is my priority in life.

Kenleaks: Where do you live and where you would like to live?
– I currently live in Seville, I know half the world but my city is my favorite.

Kenleaks: Beaches, mountains,  or forest?!
– I prefer more beach, sun and the sea.

Kenleaks: Big cities or small towns?
– If it is about the based and living – so small cities. But it does not mean that i don’t like big cities at all. Each city has its own thing what is great for new experiences and gives lot of joys while traveling.

Kenleaks: Sex or Love?
– It depends on the moment 🙂

Kenleaks: Drugs or alchohol?!
– Never tried drugs

Kenleaks: Could you tell us how did you end up being a booking agency director?!
– I worked hard for this. It was my dream for a long time to create and own agency like Volume Agency. I realized this dream by myself, without any help, what makes me more motivated in my job.

Kenleaks: Give us the few names that are in your booking agency portfolio.

– Robert Mendoza, Taoo Kross, Mix and Joise, Javi Torres

Kenleaks: What is your plan about the Volume Agency for the future?
– My plan is to reach as more as possible new target in the world and to be the part of more big projects with the professional artists of my agency.

Kenleaks: What kind of music is good for the clubbing?
– Normally commercial music, but it depends on each club and of course, on the mood.

Kenleaks: What kind of music  do you listen in your car when you are all alone?
– The radio. It takes out all the barriers in the music industry. You can easily find there different style of quality music.

Kenleaks: Commercial or Electronic Music?
– Commercial music is more close to me.

Kenleaks: Who is your favorite Dj?
– Armin Van Buuren

Kenleaks: Classic style or Sport ?!
Always Sport

Kenleaks: Nike or Adidas?
– Nike

Kenleaks: Do we need close our body with clothes on?
– We need to live together with respect

Kenleaks: You are inked model. Tell us about your tattoo passion more.

– Yes. Tattoo is my lifestyle and i love each of them. I think i have attractive profile for different brands and thats why i try make my blog on Social Medias more profitable and get more benefits from it.

Kenleaks: When did you make your first tattoo and what that was?!
– My first tattoo was a tribal on my back and I inked that one when i was 15 years old.

Kenleaks: Is it really true when you inked once that you are getting more addictive to the tattoos?!
– For me it has been my way of life, but I have not completed my body until I have had a professional stability.

Kenleaks: which tattoo is your favorite and what does it mean ?
-Each tattoo that I have on my skin has special meaning for me and it makes more special them with the reason.

Kenleaks: Have you ever thought about the sponsored tattoo on your body?!
– Never.

Kenleaks: Share with us the weirdest offer you get ever ? in business sphere or private life.

– I had lot of indecent proposals in both areas 🙂 thats odd.

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