29 years old Kenny Shamilov was born in Georgia Republic in 1989 year in a half jew and half azeri family.

He was born in a family of oil industry workers. From an early age, Kenny Shamilov was engaged in personal activities, especially in the field of Media Marketing. So, thanks to his personal efforts, Kenny Shamilov in his young 19 years presented his first project under the name ZOVVG.

ZOVVG was one of the first of its kind online media magazines in his country, in Azerbaijan, where Kenny Shamilov lived in his youth. The ZOVVG project successfully lasted and worked at its peak until 2014.

The young and promising Kenny Shamilov always tried to find himself in something new and did not want to stop at the accomplished. He always rushed forward and achieved his goals whatever it cost him.

After the closure of ZOVVG, Kenny Shamilov began to actively collaborate with top media publications like Nargis Magazine and Buro247.

Gaining experience in the field of journalism and marketing, Kenny Shamilov began working in the position of Marketing Manager at Gazelli Group Holding.

Kenny Shamilov was hired as Business Development Manager ( also as a personal business assistant) by the Uzbekistan princess Diora Usmanova for the kid couture brand Bibiona and The Paramaunt hotel and Resort The Bodrum Hotel.

He was involved to the Grand Opening of the Paramaunt Hotel and Resort THE BODRUM as the main organizer of the event, where was invited the top elite society of the world and Nicole Kidman as a guest star.

This news was get and analysed looking through his Social media Instagram and Facebook. But, unfortunately we couldn’t have any proof of this. He just didn’t want talk to us about this part of his job due the confidentiality. ok….

His private life:

There are really lot of rumors about his private life in the top society as he has very serious relations for a long time with the Miss Millenium Valida Abasova. As we can check their instagram followers, unfortunately seems like they are not that close as they used to. Thats why they are not even following each other. What was the real reason of the millenium broke-up, we don’t have any information about this.

Kenny Shamilov was seen couple times with Best Model of Azerbaijan and Turkey- ex wife of famous Turkish actor Tolga Karel- Gunay Musayeva. They were even on the cover of few Turkish Magazine, as Vatan, Sozcu, Hurriyet and Milliyet. As we informed they are still good friends.

Kenny Shamilov on Media News and Magazines:

Photo: @kennyshamilove instagram

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