Collaboration Lamborghini and Yohji Yamamoto

The Italian brand of super sports cars – Automobili Lamborghini – will announce at the end of October 2020 a revolutionary collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto, the eponymous brand of the world-famous Japanese fashion designer.

The collaboration comes together by blending Lamborghini’s perspective of adhering to tradition and the brand’s DNA while looking to the future and constantly innovating to adapt to the times, and Yohji’s unwavering stance Yamamoto since his debut with his Parisian collection in 1981. His clothes are made to embody philosophies and aesthetics that challenge the status quo. The passion and the know-how of these two forces merge and create iconic works of art to be discovered soon?

Lamborghini has taken a similar approach, updating and designing new models to keep up with the always-changing automotive industry. Although there are no product photos released, the anticipated release is for late October 2020.

In most cases, collaborations are successful when each brand shares similarities in tradition and creative processes. Lamborghini and Yohji Yamamoto share those aspects through the design of both Italian supercars and fashion. 

Yohji Yamamoto & Lamborghini collaboration is expected to be presented in October month.

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