Nathy Peluso : Sana Sana

Spain based, Argentinian artist Nathy Peluso shares an explosive performance of latest music ‘SANA SANA’ produced by Color Show and lifted from her debut album ‘Calambre’ .

Nathy Peluso moves far beyond the limits of trap and urban music. She is intelligent and outspoken, while at the same time capable of crafting extraordinarily sophisticated songs. This Argentinian now based in Madrid has won over even the most sceptical of critics, by carving out her own sound and unique singing (or rapping) style which avoids the trappings of cliche or trends.

Songs like “Esmeralda”, “Corashe” and “Alabame” are instant hits that are unusually original, in which she astutely mixes electronic beats with the latest in urban songforms; incorporating her love for r&b, soul, classic hip hop and the exquisite nature of jazz.

On the mic, she doesn’t hold back, speaking the truth as she sees it, demonstrating that she is courageous, powerful and one step ahead of the pack.

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