Take a look at the most iconic and historical photos in history. Kenleaks has collected the list of talking photos with the past energy taking you through the time zone. Once taken simply to document their present, they now help us. Explore the stories behind 20 images selected by Kenleaks curators.

Ornella Mutti on her 17 years

Miss New Zealand fall unconscious on Miss Universe Beauty Contest. 1954 year 15 July

Fans watch a football match between Crystal Palace and Liverpool, London, 1914.

Eminem treats M&M’s to Eminems, 2000 year

Arnold Schwarzenegger walks in swimming trunks in the downtown, promoting bodybuilding and attracting customers to the gym. November 1967 Munich.

“The Girl in the Bubble” – this unusual series of photos called “Bubble” was created by fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky, 1963 year

Sophie Loren at Kremls. 1965 year

Postmen show the latest Autoped scooters. Washington, 1917

Brigitte Bardot 1954 year

Belly Dancer in London Subway 1968 year

18 years old Demi Moor. 1981 year

“This is so stylish”- Scottish soldiers in Italy. 1944 year

Ferrari 250 Europa Coupe Pininfarina. Italy. 1954 year

Max Factor 1930 year

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