Roger Federer: the new ambassador for Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland’s tourism industry has been hit hard and continues to suffer from the coronavirus pandemic. To get back on its feet, the national company “Switzerland Tourism” decided to “play big.” Now, none other than Roger Federer will attract tourists to the country of pointed alpine peaks. Check the news Roger Federer is the new ambassador for Switzerland Tourism and more on Switzerland based Luxury Lifestyle Magazine- Kenleaks Magazine.

“I am very pleased to be working with the Swiss Tourism Office,” commented Roger Federer, the new Ambassador of Switzerland Tourism, on his Twitter account. The achievements of this unique athlete speak for themselves: he has twenty Grand Slam titles and his popularity rating abroad is very high. It is really capable of attracting a lot of tourists to Switzerland, according to the national tourism company “Switzerland Tourism”.

“I’ve always seen myself as a representative of Switzerland, and not only at the Olympics or other team events,” says Roger Federer in a commercial for the Swiss Tourism Office, sitting on a bench with the Matterhorn in the background. “Every time I go out on the court, I think about my country. Many people told me that in addition to mountains and chocolate, my name was associated with our country for them: “Ah, you are Swiss, this is Federer’s country.” Therefore, my participation in this campaign is logical, ”he added. “I am proud to be Swiss and happy to be able to take on this mission.”

Roger’s Choice

For the first time in its history, the national company “Switzerland Tourism” has made a bet on a personality of this level. As part of a promotion called Roger’s Choice: The Best of Switzerland, the renowned tennis player will admire the Swiss landscape and invite him to travel to the country of snow-white mountains and blue lakes.

Roger Federer says that as a child he traveled a lot in Switzerland with his parents and he still loves to meet new places where he has not yet been. According to the tennis star, despite the fact that Switzerland does not have such large metropolises as London or Paris, people come here primarily because of its natural beauty and diversity.

On its website, Switzerland Tourism offers an overview of Federer’s favorite places in Switzerland and those he is just planning to explore. Here are just a few of them: the Rhine Falls, the underground lake Saint-Leonard, the largest alpine glacier Aletsch, the Chasseral regional park, the Jungfrau region, the Lavaux vineyards, the Creu-du-Van national park, the Diavolezza mountain, the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere reserve, the Sen pass -Gotthard. For more information on these and many other destinations, please visit Switzerland Tourism: Roger’s Choice.

Switzerland tourism roger federer ambassador kenleaks magazine
Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. Der Lagh da Cavloc im Gebiet des Maloja Passes.

Unprecedented tourism crisis

This promotion could prove to be of great value to the Swiss tourism industry, which is facing an unprecedented crisis since World War II due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, the number of bookings in the country’s hotels fell by 40%.

But for Roger Federer, this is far from the first role in advertising in the rank of a world star. Not so long ago, he already tasted coffee made by Jura coffee makers, used the services of the Sunrise telephone operator and even acted as a chef masterly serving spaghetti of the Italian brand Barilla.

Federer now has to perform at a national promotion. By the way, even in this role he has old and well-known rivals: the Spaniard Rafael Nadal not so long ago advertised his native Balearic Islands.

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