Rolls Royce Wraith Kryptos

Rolls – Royce Wraith deriving from ancient Greek, the name ‘Kryptos’ refers to all that is concealed.

Designed as an homage to the clandestine world of cryptology, this bespoke collection of 50 motor cars beckons to those with an inquiring mind.

Hidden in plain sight on each Wraith Kryptos is a coded message, denoted by four ciphers developed in absolute secrecy at Goodwood, the Home of Rolls‑Royce.

NEDC (combined): CO2 emission: 365-363 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.7-17.8 mpg / 16.0-15.9 l/100km *. WLTP (combined): CO2 emission: 369-357 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.3-17.9 mpg / 16.3-15.8 l/100km #


Revealed only when the motor car is unlocked, allow the Spirit of Ecstasy to guide you toward the final answer.


Complex layers of brushstrokes. Veiled ciphertext. The messaging only become apparent when viewed with the correct perspective.


Sumptuous leather panels emphasised with florescent thread that emits a glow in darkness.

This cryptographic journey begins with the Spirit of Ecstasy. It has crowned the hood of our brand for over a century. The base of this enigmatic figure is engraved with the Rolls-Royce cipher with green enamel details.

The collection’s mesmerizing palette hints at the secrets hidden in the heart of the car. Delphic Gray, a unique exterior shade based on the solid Anthracite color. It has a hidden effect: only in the rays of the sun does it show blue-green mica sparkles. This effect is enhanced by the hand-drawn decorative line, the upper part in the specially created new color Kryptos Green, while the lower part in Dark Gray set off the solid body – both of which serve as the key to the interior cipher. Completing the exterior aesthetics are partially polished wheels with an Orbit Gray center piece bearing a subtle color line.

The gaze then drops down to the redesigned bumper inserts. Which subtly change the lines of the Wraith silhouette, giving this collection a distinct edge. Explore amazing car on Rolls Royce Wraith Kryptos on Kenleaks Magazine.

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