Santino Le Saint for Paul & Shark

The RnB UK star interprets the new limited edition Typhoon 20000 outwear capsule that arrives in boutiques

A meeting between stars to describe an iconic Paul & Shark garment. Images in which some protagonists of the English music scene play to revise the magnetism of certain metropolitan atmospheres (London) or the countryside. The garment is the versatile Typhoon jacket and its capsule version. Thus enters the scene of the London RnB star Santino Le Saint to wear Typhoon 20000.

It is a technical jacket with a wind and rain resistant hood that is also perfect for everyday city use: an unprecedented union between functionality and contemporary street style.

New Typhoon 20000 Capsule Collection Paul&Shark presents an Innovative Typhoon 20000 Capsule Collection, the latest in outerwear essentials.

To present the Typhoon 20000 capsule collection, Paul & Shark, tapped rising UK musician Santino Le Saint who starred in Paul&Shark campaign film discussing his experiences on the come-up.

Honouring London’s mesmerising city landscape, the new campaign emphasises how the Typhoon jacket and the related collection composed also by an hoodie is versatile for everyday use around the city: bringing together functionality and contemporary street styles.

The Typhoon 20000 Paul & Shark jacket Santino Le Saint can be seen sporting is the culmination of Paul&Shark’s expertise in durable outerwear and is built to withstand anything nature con throw at it. An ultra-thin membrane lines the surface, ensuring maximum protection from water, while its molecular structure facilitates healthy air circulation to ensure breathability and body heat dispersion.

As well as the jacket, the wider capsule also consists of two sweatshirt, with items available in a number of vibrant colors.

It is not the first time that Paul & Shark talks with the “street” universe. His garments have already been chosen by artists such as Travis Scott, American rapper and producer, English Piers James, French rapper Zkr and German Bonez MC for their videos.

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