Sculptor Johnson Tsang can blow your mind

Johnson Tsang is a Hong Kong-based sculptor who specializes in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and creates incredibly interesting works that he takes inspiration from everyday life. At the same time, Johnson Tsang does not like lengthy discussions about himself and his works. He believes that the viewer should look for all the answers not in his words, but what each of them sees in his works, without imposing his vision on others. Check this and more on Kenleaks Magazine.

Johnson Tsang does not try to be understandable to everyone, and with his works, as it were, protests against blind imitation of Western cultural models and insists on the need for a preliminary understanding of how acceptable what is drawn from Western culture.

At the same time, Johnson Tsang believes that the city in which he lives – Hong Kong is primarily a mixture of the eastern and western components, and his work is a kind of manifestation of the cultural independence of Hong Kong. He defends this identity of the city.

Johnson Tsang is currently a very popular surrealist sculptor, although when he began to create his works, not everything went smoothly. But, recognition soon came, and since 1993 his works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, etc. Johnson does not pursue, as they say in our country, “for a ruble”, and does not put the production of his sculptures “on stream” … Therefore, his works are piece, exclusive, which, if put up for sale, become an event in the life of surrealists, and an object of hunting for collectors.

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Author: Kenny Shamilov

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