Gastro Suisse: new coronavirus pandemic protective measures

The Switzerland Federal Council today with Gastro Suisse approved new protective measures to stem the coronavirus pandemic. The hotel and catering industry is also affected. In view of the growing number of cases, the industry is showing understanding. She wants to avoid a new confinement and continue to allow the population to spend pleasant moments outside its four walls in a well protected environment.

“The risk of infection in conventional catering when it is consumed in a seated position, respecting distances and the rules of hygiene is obviously very low”, underlines Casimir Platzer, President of GastroSuisse. 

The protection plan provides clients with the necessary security, which is usually not given at private events. The Federal Office of Public Health also notes that the hotel and restaurant protection plan generally works very well.

“We have proven this summer that we can work in difficult conditions and bring people back to normal”, explains Casimir Platzer, President of GastroSuisse. A new closure of the restaurant should also be avoided for social reasons. The hotel and catering industry, as a meeting place, fulfills an important social function. In view of the growing number of new infections with the virus, Casimir Platzer in principle understands that the Federal Council had no choice and had to decide on additional measures, even if it was painful and would hit the world again. plugged.

The situation in the hotel and catering industry is serious. Additional requirements, such as the requirement to sit down and wear masks, present additional challenges for businesses. “The renewed recommendation in favor of teleworking will once again have a particularly strong impact on urban catering,” notes the President of GastroSuisse, “and the consequences of the obligation to sit down for the bar and club scene are extremely serious “. Many companies are already fighting for their survival today. A new lockdown or other economically unsustainable restrictions would further endanger the existence of hotel and restaurant businesses. According to the Federal Statistical Office,

GastroSuisse is the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants in Switzerland. The organization founded in 1891 has been defending the interests of the branch for more than 125 years. Around 20,000 members (including some 2,500 hotels), organized into 26 cantonal associations and four sectoral groups, currently belong to the largest employers’ federation in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The Switzerland Federal Council today with Gastro Suisse approved new protective measures to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

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