The Federal Council recognizes the protection plan for the hotel and restaurant industry

The Federal Council today decided on further protective measures against COVID-19. In doing so, it did not yield to pressure from neighboring countries. In recent months, the hotel and restaurant industry has demonstrated that protection concepts work. Check this and more on Kenleaks Magazine.

GastroSuisse welcomes the fact that the Federal Council does not want to ban winter sports despite pressure from neighboring countries. This winter season is placed under the sign of convivial meetings (with a small circle of friends or family). The population and catering establishments are made aware of barrier gestures. This summer, Switzerland turned out to be an exemplary holiday destination. There was no cluster related to tourism. “In recent months, the hotel and catering industry has shown that protection plans are working,” says Casimir Platzer, President of GastroSuisse. It is therefore also to be welcomed that the Federal Council rejected the restrictive idea of ​​limiting group persons to two households without exception and made only one recommendation. The protection concept already provides for a limitation to four people per table. This measure already helps to avoid excessive mixing of guests.

“When consumption is done only in a seated position, the distances are respected and the hygiene rules are observed, the risk of infection is very low”, says Platzer and emphasizes: “This is why customers can feel safe when going to a restaurant “. The Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) has also confirmed that the risk of infection is very low in traditional restaurants where these measures are observed.

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According to the decision taken today by the Federal Council, the contact details of customers must now also be collected when minimum distances are systematically observed. Guests of restaurants in the ski area may only be allowed inside if a table is free for them, although this rule only applies until 5.30 p.m. It is also necessary that the different protection plans be coordinated with each other.

GastroSuisse is the federation of hotels and restaurants in Switzerland. The organization founded in 1891 has defended the interests of the branch for 125 years. GastroSuisse, with nearly 20,000 member companies (including around 2,500 hotels) organized into 26 cantonal associations and four sectoral groupings, is the largest employers’ organization in the hotel and restaurant industry.

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