Kenleaks Magazine due the Queen’s Elizabeth annual birthday has gathered top 5 things that, you can not say and do in front of her. Not just you can not, you are not allowed.

– You can’t shake the Queen’s hand

If her Majesty extends her hand first , then ok. But even after that any more touching is not permissible. What if the Queen does not shake your hand? You should not just stand there in confusion. You must bow or curtsy and try to make it elegant.

-When greeting the Queen, don’t you dare call her by name.

One should always refer to her as : Your Majesty

If you have not failed the Queen’s greeting, you may have a conversation , but remember you can only speak when spoken to and never lead the conversation with her majesty.

-Think carefully what to ask her any question and how do it

You can ask what parfume she wears. Instead the word of stend.

-Do not use the word PARDON

We might think that this is formal, but actually this is curse word to the ROYALS, instead use just ” sorry”.

-Do not sit down at the table until the Queen has done so.

This is also applies to starting or finishing a meal. Everyone at the table can bite off the first piece only after the Queen has stared to eat her meal.

-If you have tea with Queen, hold the cup correctly.

Use the thumb and index finger to hold the handle, while the middle finger supports the bottom.

Keep the rules close, maybe one day these rules will be needed to you.

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