More trains between Switzerland and Germany

SBB and Deutsche Bahn are stepping up their collaboration. The number of direct connections between Switzerland and Germany will drop from 26 to 35 daily, CFF announced on Thursday.

In collaboration with Deutsche Bahn (DB), SBB is notably planning to open journeys trains between Switzerland and Germany, in addition to the expanded offer.

The two railway companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to expand their international offer. The new routes will include a high-speed train line between Hamburg and Lugano via Basel, SBB said in a statement.

SBB and DB to strengthen collaboration on routes between Germany and Switzerland (archive)

In addition to the use of new modern train sets, the travel time between Frankfurt and Zurich will also be reduced to 3 hours and 40 minutes from the current 4 hours. They plan to set up these relations from the 2026 timetable. New direct trains relations between Switzerland via Bern and Germany are also possible.

The CFF specify that this is a strengthening of cooperation with their German counterpart, the DB, on the traffic of major international lines. They also announce that the 2020 schedule will already offer twelve daily connections to Munich, compared to six currently.

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