Virgil Abloh Taking 3 Month Medical Leave, Won’t Take Part in Off-White™ SS20 Show.

Virgil Abloh is arguably the hottest designer in fashion. His busy lifestyle as the CEO of the most notable brand Off-White™ as well as being the creative director Louis Vuitton has kept him busy. But it seems as if he’s been too busy for his good. Virgil will reportedly take a 3 month leave for his health. The news broke as per doctor’s orders, Abloh will take some much-needed time to recover from his busy lifestyle. “Essentially I’m working from home for the next three months, and in large part all my marketing events I’m canceling,” the designer told Vogue over the phone today.

Before the leave was announced. Virgil had already canceled a majority of his upcoming public appearances, including events with brands such as Ikea and Nike. As well as Vogue’s Forces of Fashion summit in addition to the opening of his “Figures of Speech” exhibition in Atlanta this November. The one that surprised us the most was the fact he won’t be present for the Off-White™‘s Spring/Summer 2020 at this years Paris Fashion Week.

Abloh has reassured press that his “Off-White™ team is more than capable of handling the company during his absence. He also stated that his Louis Vuitton team is expert-level. So the shows will continue as scheduled. Abloh also promises that a “crowd participation element” will replace his physical attendance at Off-White™’s Spring/Summer 2020 runway show.

Source: thefreshcommitte

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